BeSpoon announce the latest release of our software suite. Registered customers can download it now.

If you need a 2D or 3D location system to address your market quickly, BeSpoon has a turnkey solution for you.

X/Y/Z data for your business

Our unified hardware and software system supports any kind of application from asset tracking to sport tracking. The full web interface control makes it straightforward to integrate within any environment.


Enjoy a comprehensive turnkey location solution:

  • Use our Tags off-the-shelf or build your own, based on our Reference design
  • Adopt our customizable, white label Anchors, or license our Reference design and develop your own.
  • Our Server suite collect data, compute the positions of Tags and Anchors.
  • Data are broadcasted over IP networks, Ethernet or WiFi.
  • Powerful features accessible through a Web control interface make the deployment easy.
  • Your team is also welcome in our facilities for a short training.
  • FCC / CE certification on BeSpoon reference design.

For further details, please review our 3D Solutions.