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UWB chips for Inch level tracking



Having a great UWB chip is not sufficient. There are many ways to track mobile items or individuals indoors. It depends on the number of mobiles to be tracked, their speed, their environment.. We have tailored solutions addressing each specific use case, designed from the silicon up to the application.
For each solution, our partners are offered different types of cooperation, spanning from finished products to modules or chips.

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Some of our partners are using our ultra wide band chipset and software stack to build their own location products.

Some others prefer to use off-the-shelf products that directly enable their solution offering.

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UWB chipset

UWB chipset +

We empower our partners with a variety of components: chips, modules, antennas, reference designs, software stacks, and a powerful evaluation kit.

Off-the-shelf products

Off-the-shelf products +

Our ready-to-use hardware offers a fast track solution to kickstart partners with a need for precise location and removes the pain of developing and fine-tuning a specific product.

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