BeSpoon was born in March 2010 after a year of incubation. The team was looking for a location tracking chip with very high accuracy and a high refresh rate that could operate in a noisy environment. We reviewed all the technologies available and could not find anything that would meet the requirements.

We took a deeper look into the problem and realized that high accuracy positioning was a real challenge. The obvious way to measure a distance between two transceivers is to measure the time it takes for an electromagnetic signal to perform a round trip, and divide by the speed of light

This means computing a distance with a few centimeters accuracy requires time measurement in picoseconds!

Location tracking chip : Centimeters to seconds

At CEA-LETI, we found people able to frame a signal within 125ps. That is about the time it takes for the light to travel 3.75cm. Moreover, their concept was clever enough to work at very low clock rates, avoiding the usual power drain of high speed processing. We were amazed.

We set up a joint lab with CEA-LETI to co-design a unique chip with incredible performance that could be integrated smoothly into any consumer device. Our goal was to mass market this positioning system.

And we succeeded! We managed to squeeze within a few square millimeters of silicon all it takes to accurately monitor distances between items or individuals. And we can do it even through walls and bodies, among all sorts of radiation, indoors and outdoors, and with very low power.