Joint Lab with CEA-Leti

CEA-Leti is one of the most famous research centers in France and a respected scientific authority throughout the world. It employs 1700 researchers and offers 240 PhD students the opportunity to explore state of the art technology and invent our future. This research center has many success stories including STMicroelectronics which is a CEA-Leti spin-off.



A few years ago, when we first met the CEA-Leti ultra wide band team, we were impressed by their achievements and track record. Unlike private research centers, CEA-Leti has the means to explore a technology and build expertise before commercialization is possible. We were amazed to meet people who had been working for almost a decade on localization systems and were able to line up several generations of chips on the table. At the end of the first meeting, both parties were fully aware that we could work together to create something big …

Transferring innovation and expertise to industry is one of the missions of CEA-Leti. This can be done in many ways. The close working relationship and high degree of cooperation between BeSpoon and CEA-Leti has resulted in a joint laboratory. This is a team of top guns who are fully dedicated to our project: building great chips that use ultra wide band to offer state of the art individual positioning solutions. Although the joint lab essentially employs CEA-Leti veterans, it is highly integrated with BeSpoon and the group acts as a single unit.

CEA-Leti has formed similar joint labs with big names like Nokia, Microsoft, STMicroelectronics and many others. At BeSpoon we are particularly satisfied with this pragmatic and efficient form of cooperation.