Our team shares a long history of successful ventures, most recently with Purple Labs, a leader in the design of mobile phones and a pioneer in smartphone development. BeSpoon is our latest and hottest adventure ever…

Our system expertise is nicely complemented by the veterans of our joint lab with CEA Leti. The team has a long track record in the use of ultra-wideband for localization and has successfully developed many chips. CEA Leti experts can take credit for pioneering Wireless HDMI and achieving many world firsts in telecommunication systems like ZigBee or NFC.

Jean-Marie André, Co-founder and CEO

Jean-Marie André

Jean-Marie has more than 20 years experience in consumer electronics and the communications industry. He was lucky enough to start designing GSM phones in 1994 and to witness the evolution of this industry until 2009, when Myriad acquired Purple Labs, the design house he had co-founded in 2001. Serving as Purple Labs COO involved raising funds, acquiring customers, managing roadmaps and ambitious projects, etc. Jean-Marie holds a Master of Science from ISIAL with a major in Artificial Intelligence.

Pascal Fabre, Co-founder and CTO

Pascal Fabre

Pascal has 20 years of experience in mobile communications and especially in radio architecture. He designed several generations of cellular radios and was the lead integrator on several radio chipsets. Pascal was also part of the founding team of Purple Labs and served as Engineering Director until the acquisition by Myriad. Pascal is a graduated engineer from Paris ESIEE with a major in Radio.

Philippe Bollard, SW manager

Philippe Bollard

Philippe joined the team during the Purple Labs days, in 2004, where he was in charge of drivers development. Among others, he pioneered the use of gyroscopes and was instrumental in the adoption of Linux in smartphones. Philippe joined BeSpoon soon after its inception. Philippe holds an MSc from nearby Savoie university with a major in Software.

Franck Lainé, RF manager

Franck Lainé

Franck also joined us in 2004 when he was hired at Purple Labs to handle radio development. Franck was involved in the integration of new radio capabilities into the phone: from 3G to GPS and Wifi. He anticipated and implemented several generations of radio technology until he realized the importance of ultra-wideband and joined BeSpoon in its early days. Franck has earned a degree from ISEN in Toulon with a major in RF.

Laurent Ouvry,CEA-Leti Joint lab manager

Laurent OuvryLaurent has headed our joint lab with CEA-Leti since day one. Prior to that, he lead the Digital Communication Lab at CEA-Leti. Laurent has been involved in low data rate UWB impulse radio systems since 2004. He has headed and initiated projects on ultra low power for IEEE802.15.4a compliant radios and was involved in the key ICT IP projects on UWB (Ultra-wideband). He has also been an active contributor to the IEEE802.15.4a UWB standard definition. Laurent earned an MSc from Supelec in 1994.

Steering committee

CEA Leti managers are closely involved in the management of the joint lab. The steering committee meets regularly to review and drive the progress of the team and adjust the development strategy. The leadership of this small team of is vital to the life of the lab.


And most importantly…

The dream team



A whole collection of enthusiastic top level doctors and engineers
who have brought their amazing experience and worked hard to turn a challenge into a reality.

We have gathered part of their intellect and expertise…
… and crammed it into these few square millimeters of silicon!