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Lifting the Veil behind a few Success Stories

Some of our customers have allowed us to disclose the mechanics behind their successful deployments. Here are a few picks.


Sport Edition

Our favorite Sport Teams have been enjoying precise tracking for a while. Our Sport Edition is tailored to their needs. Below are a few takeaways from their experience.

BeSpoon Location system may track players indoors or outdoors, for all sorts of sport: Soccer, Football, Basketball, Handball, Hockey, you name it…

To get a Pro-League Level of tracking, it takes only 8 Anchors for a positioning in 2D, and 12 Anchors for a 3D positioning (for example, when you also want to track the ball/puck/whatever. A typical layout is shown below.

Pro League Configuration

Defining the pitch area allows to find out which Tags are on-field and which ones are sitting on the bench. The system adjust automatically the location rate to stay focused on the game. Thanks to this agile rate adjustment, we can achieve outstanding performances:

Sport Tablet Viewer

  • In Basketball, BeSpoon track 10 players in field at 20Hz and 12 players out field at 1,7Hz. Add the ball at 40Hz!
  • In American Football, the system is tracking 22 players in field at 10Hz, and 84 players out of field at 0,7Hz.


When Anchors are wired with Ethernet, Tags are tracked in real-time with a very low latency: typically a few dozens of milliseconds.



Tracking a forklift inside a warehouse is a challenge. BeSpoon has built a dedicated solution that delivers high precision tracking both in the docks, where 2D positioning is required) and along the aisles. Our map matching toolkit allowed to drastically reduce the number of Anchors needed, which resulted in substantial savings.

Layout of a Warehouse

Layout of a Warehouse

Our Location system typically achieves the following performances with this kind of setup:

  • Track 14 forklifts @ 4Hz (one precise position is computed every 250ms)
  • Track 1680 tools / boxes every 30s

These numbers take into account the highly metallic environment of a warehouse, see pictures below.

Warehouses involve Metal

Warehouses involve Metal

Beer & Metal vs UWB

Beer & Metal vs UWB



It took less than a day to roll out our Location network in this brand new building of offices.

Every second, we are locating each of the 250 employees working there…

Walking in the Office

Walking in the Office