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Our chip is now available on a wide range of form factors. Whatever is your configuration, we offer a fast-track to your market and help you secure your roadmap.

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The SpoonPhone features our chip and allows you to locate tags precisely. It is  a full blown smartphone, packed with state-of-the-art sensors that will enable great synergies with precise location.

The Module of uPosition  is a compact and lightweight module that handles the complete ranging process in a standalone manner. No integration hurdle, you can drop it into your hardware, just connect it to a power supply and an antenna, and read the distance measures over your favourite bus.

The Standard Evaluation Kit  is made of 2 boards built around the uPosition module. They offer all what is needed to prototype and fine-tune your applications.

The 3D Location Kit contains all the necessary components to build a real-life location network. It is made of a set of multi-purpose Anchors, Tags and a software library running on any Ubuntu PC.


For a comprehensive description of the various localization configurations supported by our software suite, have a look there: 3D Solutions.