BeSpoon representatives often attend shows and speak at conferences about our technology and the various solutions we offer. Please check out this section to find out what upcoming event could be the best place to meet us.



October 4th : IPIN (Madrid)

BeSpoon CTO, Pascal Fabre gave an update on our latest achievements.

March 24th : Microwave & RF (Paris)

Interesting discussions around the “Key” role of UWB in the next generation of cars.

January 6th : CES 2016 (a killer)

BeSpoon ranked 120th among the 3K+ exhibitors of this edition. CES killed our flagship SpoonPhone, we have been overwhelmed by requests and shipped the last SpoonPhone a few days after the show closed. Stay tuned…

October 5th : International RFID congress

Beyond identification, location. BeSpoon was asked to share its experience in Sports Tracking, a breakthrough with unlimited applications across the industry.

June 24th : Leti Days 2015

Play with the various building blocks of a precise positioning system. See how our UWB Base Stations offer the precision of an atomic clock!

May 28-30th : Connected Conference 2015

See you at the Connected Conference in Paris. We are looking forward welcoming you there, and showcasing mind-blowing demonstrations of inch-level tracking!

March 2-5th : Mobile World Congress 2015

BeSpoon will be present at Mobile World Congress 2015, visit us on our stand.


January 5-9th CES 2015 Las Vegas

BeSpoon to showcase amazing 3D experiments at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, on January 5-9th.
BeSpoon is returning to Eureka Park. After last year massive success of the SpoonPhone, BeSpoon will unveil incredible demonstrations of its 3D tracking system. Visit our Booth #75146 at Eureka Park and get ready for the fastest and most accurate location system ever.


February 24th : Mobile World Congress 2014

BeSpoon participated at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in barcelona. During this event they demonstrated their precise location technology.


January 9 : CES 2014 Las Vegas

BeSpoon was at  the CES 2014. They showcase the SpoonPhone, a smartphone with a BeSpoon chip embedded , that enables precise location.


November 20th: IOT Santa Clara

BeSpoon is showcasing miniature tags for precise indoor location at the Internet of Things exhibition organized by IDTechEx in Santa Clara, California.


September 20th : 120th Firefighters congress

BeSpoon will attend the 120th congress of firefighters on 2013 October 10th, 11th and 12th at the « phare » of Chambéry, France.


May 23rd: Forum 4i

BeSpoon will showcase its technology in Grenoble, where the Forum 4i has been hosted for the last 16 years. Major innovations have been revealed at this forum and we are very proud to have been selected for this high profile event. We are looking forward meeting you there.


March 20th-21st: WPNC’13

BeSpoon is excited to demonstrate its technology at the Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communication, an event that gathers the scientific community from all around the world to discuss topics we are familiar with. Attendants are welcome to pop by our booth and see our technology in action.


February 25th-28th: Mobile World Congress

BeSpoon was at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We would like to thank the many people we met there and shared our excitement. Stay tuned!


June 19th 2012: 14th Leti Annual Review

BeSpoon at LETI Annual Review


The 14th Annual Leti Review was held on June 19–20, 2012, it was aimed at providing high-tech business executives with a valuable opportunity to discover the latest developments in micro and nanotechnology, and to explore the ways in which these emerging fields can help drive their companies’ growth.

BeSpoon CEO Jean-Marie André spoke during the Plenary session on June 19th, among a few speakers who shared success stories and their views about venturing into the future…