Our Customers Have Done It

Put the mouse over pictures to get a short description of the way some of our customers are using BeSpoon technology to disrupt their industry…


They are using Precise Inverted 3D

Alistair is flying a drone in industrial environments. During the first flying sessions, he has marked with a sticker the places where fixed Tags were located. Now, it is a matter of minutes for him to setup his collection of tags and start flying. The drone computes its position very precisely, and at a high frequency.

Flying a drone in an industrial environment, setup time < 5′

Claudia has hacked a robot to replace the GPS module with our Inverted 3D system. She has installed tags along his warehouse, and unleashed the robot, who carries out its mission autonomously.

Robot unleashed roams around the factory…


They are using Precise Location RTLS

Samir is a physical coach with a team of indoor sport. He must ensure that each player is properly trained and up to its highest potential on game day. Thanks to BeSpoon system, he can track daily the progresses of his team, and monitor their performances: how many miles did they run, jog, walked during their training session. How could they improve their acceleration, backward jogging, lateral movements, etc. BeSpoon produces daily a whole set of data full of insights to raise the team to a new level.

Indoor athletes improve their performances


Bettina was tasked to help workers in her factory finding their tools. Her boss has realized they spend a meaningful part of their day looking around. BeSpoon system now help them spot Tags anywhere in the factory, even when they are locked in odd, metallic places. Furthermore, the system was optimized so that Tags can last for several years.

No more tool lost…

Marlene mission is to locate stuff across a very wide warehouse. By tagging the machines used to move stuff around, she was able to track anything across the whole place, and tell in real-time where every single stuff is sitting.

Tracking vehicles to know where things are.

Stan and Rémi prototype the future of our homes. They have squeezed our Anchors into wireless speakers and the music now follows you across the home, from room to room, adjusting the volume up or down depending on how far you are from the closest speaker… and they have quite a few ideas to do much more!

Smart speakers beat the walkman



They are using Precise Indoor GPS


Brian and Jennifer are orchestrating drone ballets. Their show is fantastic; it involves hundreds of drones flying very close to each other to draw colorful figures in the night. Every drone is computing its position 27 times a second thanks to 8 airborne Anchors hovering around the scene. It takes only minutes to install and dismantle the show.

Drone swarm requires precise positioning


Noemie is in charge of inspecting lakes. She has acquired an autonomous ro-boat (named spyboat) that automate the task. Thanks to BeSpoon location system, the boat is constantly located, even when the satellite GPS signal is not available, and Noemie can draw a very precise map of her measurements across the lake.

Geo-tagging water measurements collected by this ro-boat


They are using AoA

Heejoon has laid 3 antennas around a quadcopter drone so that the latter can follow accurately a Tag and keep pointing the camera in the right direction, with the right focus. He is getting outstanding shootings even in adverse conditions (for example indoors, with a fast moving Tag).

Follow me. Closer!

Hassan has hacked a vacuum cleaner so that it can figure out where it is, wherever it is switched on in the house. The cleaner is using AoA and Time of Flight to get its position relative to the docking station. Impressive.

This home robot can rush to its dock at anytime.