Press cuttings

BeSpoon is regularly reviewed in the news. Check out the latest papers below… We have also inserted a few links towards interesting news or reviews that are directly related to our business.


September 2015: Sport tracking for masses! “Before meeting BeSpoon, we thought that this type of technology would not be affordable for many years” says CSH manager to Claire Swedberg from RFID Journal.


July 2015: A French company has invented location technology for the home that is accurate to within inches… writes Andrew Ellson in The Times.


March 2015 : BeSpoon vise le marché des drones… (French language)

Drones, a large potential market for BeSpoon precise indoor location technology.


March 2015 : [MWC] Remise des 1ers French Tech awards (French language)

And the winner is BeSpoon…


January 2015 : [CES-2015] Zoom sur les meilleurs ! la startup BeSpoon(French language)

Focus on the best!


January 2015 : La liste des 160 entreprises et Startups française présentes au CES 2015 (French language)

French tech news , list of French companies and 160 Startups present at CES 2015


January 2015 : French Tech: 30 champions ( vraiment) cachés des objets connectés(French language)

News Usine Digitale : French tech , French Tech 30 champions (really) Hidden connected objects.


December 2014 : “More Indoor Location Services – Few-Centimeter and -Meter Accuracy from BeSpoon and CSR”

BeSpoon is one of the ultimate reviews of EE Journal in 2014.


November 2014 : Aujourd’hui en france : le localisateur (French language)

BeSpoon un “localisateur”


October 2014 : Le français BeSpoon facilite la prise en main de sa technologie de géolocalisation indoor  (French language)

BeSpoon facilitates the handling of its indoor location technology.


October 2014 : BeSpoon Unveils Tools to Create Multiple Uses for Its Ultraprecise 3D, Real-Time Location Technology

 Ultraprecise 3D, Real-Time Location Technology.


July 2014 :  EE Times Silicon 60: Hot Startups to Watch

BeSpoon short listed by EE Times among the 60 hot startups to watch.


July 2014 : Grizzly Analytics talks about UWB potential.

Grizzly Analytics reviews the successful integration of UWB BeSpoon chip into the SpoonPhone.


March 2014 : BeSpoon showcased the SpoonPhone at MWC barcelona (French language).

Le Dauphiné a rencontré BeSpoon à l’occasion du salon mondial de la téléphonie.


February 2014 : The SpoonPhone, a smartphone for absent minded people (French language).

Télématin présente le SpoonPhone.


February 2014 : BeSpoon featured among the 5 Next Big Things in I3, It Is Innovation, the official publication of CES.

SpoonPhone, the next big thing?


February 2014 : BeSpoon innovates and geolocates your objects (French language)

Le dauphiné interview Bespoon.


January 2014: SpoonPhone, The most accurate smartphone in the world (French language)

Connected objects consacre un article au SpoonPhone.


January 2014: Be Spoon improve indoor location(French language)

L’express s’est intéressé à la technologie Bespoon et à son SpoonPhone.


October 2013: BeSpoon measures distances through walls (French language)

BeSpoon est la pépite de la semaine dans L’usine digitale.


August 2013: BeSpoon shrinks indoor location at a chip scale (French language)

L’Embarqué has visited BeSpoon…


May 2013: BeSpoon locates your Teddy (French language)

Le Parisien a rencontré BeSpoon.


May 2013: BeSpoon shortlisted at Venture 4i (French language)

À l’approche du Venture 4i, le Dauphiné libéré s’est entretenu avec BeSpoon.


April 2013: BeSpoon takes the lead on accurate distance measurement

Comprehensive paper from Julien Happich for EE Times Europe. All you wanted to know about BeSpoon!


April 2013: Record distance measurement

BeSpoon world record reviewed by EE times Peter Clarke.


February 2013: Forrester’s top 15 emerging technologies

Indoor location is part of the top 15 technologies to watch this year!


January 2013: French blogger spots one of our demo at a private show

French blogger Olivier Ezratty sneaked into TF1 private show, and discovered BeSpoon technology in action.


January 2013: Nokia will focus on location in 2013

Nokia executive interviewed by Fierce Wireless at CES points Location as one of the key focus of the company this year.


December 2012: 2013 mega-trend: indoor location

VentureBeat asked top investors in the Silicon Valley what was their prediction for 2013. Don Dodge from Google sees Indoor Location as the next billion dollar market.


September 2012: Indoor maps and services above 2.5B$ in 2017

Business wire reviews the latest findings of ABI resercher Patrick Connolly, who warns about the rapid growth of this market.


July 2012: Indoor location is exploding

Five industry experts interviewed by Aoife Gaffney, VP location at M for Mobile, explain why Indoor Location is boiling hot.


June 2012: LETI Annual Report – BeSpoon

We have extracted from the full Annual Report of CEA Leti this paper about the collaboration between BeSpoon and CEA Leti. It gives some insights about the way we are leveraging a decade of research on Ultra Wide Band.


April 2012: Mapping the great indoors

Blake Jessop of Screen Media Daily sketches an interesting synthesis of the trends, stakes and challenges of indoor mapping. Who are the new cartographers and what is their agenda. This is for sure one key parameter of the equation that will foster indoor location.


March 2012: As navigation looks indoors, new uses appear

CIO Asia takes advantage of the latest GPS-Wireless conference to explore the numerous opportunities raised by indoor location progresses. One of the speaker reminds us that 4 years ago, LBS was just turn-by-turn navigation and find-my-kids. Amazing prospects in sight…


January 2012: An Executive Insight with Stephane Gervais-Ducouret of Freescale

Read the views of Freescale executive Stephane Gervais-Ducouret in this paper of The Where Business. It pinpoints the dependance of location services on the semiconductor industry. At BeSpoon, we subscribe to his views and we trust Ultra-Wide Band circuits will play a disruptive role there.


January 2012: CSR shows how your phone can navigate inside large buildings

Venture Beat reviews an interesting initiative by CSR to integrate multiple information to support indoor navigation. Probably the most integrated approach to signal / sensor fusion to our knowledge.


December 2011: Patents suggest ‘indoor location’ the next mobile maps battleground

Interesting  paper in The Globe and Mail. It reveals how the big players are getting prepared for the next challenge: offering indoor location services. The stake is high, as the winner will get unparallel insights on the consumer.