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3D Solutions Precise Inverted 3D

We have named this configuration Inverted 3D because the Tags are no longer mobile, they are set in fixed positions, allowing to deploy easily a very affordable infrastructure.

On the other hand, the location is computed directly on-board the mobile: it is device-centric.

Precise Inverted 3D does not allow to track several devices, but it is ideal to allow one single, fast-moving mobile to locate itself very precisely, at very high speed.

  • Best performances in terms of accuracyBest performances in terms of accuracy
  • Cost-efficient, Tag-based infrastructureCost-efficient, Tag-based infrastructure
  • Device centric: no server involvedDevice centric: no server involved

Fast & cost-efficient+

This drone is computing its exact location 85 times a second!
It uses a very affordable infrastructure made of BeSpoon Tags.