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3D Solutions Precise Location RTLS

Deploying a network of Anchors allows to track a large amount of Tags over wide places. This configuration, also known as 3D RTLS is Server centric, meaning that positions are computed on a regular PC running BeSpoon Location Server suite.

The Server broadcast every Tag position in real time over an UDP link, over Ethernet wires or/and WiFi. Applications running on any hardware can collect the positions and the rest is yours!

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  • Tracking in real time lots of tagsTracking in real time lots of tags
  • Long battery lifeLong battery life
  • Positions available on the serverPositions available on the server

Tracking batches across the workshop+

Thousands of batches are located in real time to save time and make this smart factory super-efficient.

Tracking athletes in a sport venue+

Fast moving athletes are tracked at inch level in this 4000 seats indoor stadium

Tracking bats in the dark+

Scientists collect unprecedented insights on bat flights: 3D data points are recorded at high frequency.

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