Use cases

The technology that BeSpoon has developed is disruptive. Measuring distances within a few centimeters of accuracy, indoors and outdoors, and with very low power consumption, opens a wide variety of opportunities. We expect this technology will improve life greatly in the future.

We will no longer forget or lose important items while on the move.

We will no longer spend time looking for important stuff (car keys, teddy bears, TV remote, wallet, you name it…)

In case of an emergency, we will be guided to the closest exit, extinguisher or defibrillator, saving seconds and saving lives.

When we are meeting someone new, we will find them easily, even in a crowded place.

Our children will always be within easy reach.
These were just a few use cases our customers suggested. In the next pages, we have made a distinction between the use cases requiring infrastructure deployment (like exact 2D/3D location services), and simpler use cases that only require 1D distance measurement.