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Use case Warehouse

Tracking pallets across the docks, up to the shelf
Preventing accidents

Tracking a forklift inside a warehouse is a challenge. BeSpoon has built a dedicated solution that delivers high precision tracking both in the docks, where 2D positioning is required) and along the aisles. Our map matching toolkit allowed to drastically reduce the number of Anchors needed, which resulted in substantial savings.

Layout of a Warehouse

Layout of a Warehouse


Our Location system typically achieves the following performances with this kind of setup:

  • Track 14 forklifts @ 4Hz (one precise position is computed every 250ms)
  • Track 1680 tools / boxes every 30s

These numbers take into account the highly metallic environment of a warehouse, see below.

Warehouses involve Metal

Precision tracking can be achieved, even when there is a lot of metal around...

Beer & Metal vs UWB


Precise Location RTLS


UWB Antenna